Strimzi releases are available for download on our GitHub. The release artifacts contain documentation and example YAML files for deployment on Kubernetes. The Docker images are available on Docker Hub.

Latest Stable Releases

Strimzi Kafka Operator 0.19.0
strimzi-0.19.0 AL 2.0
strimzi-cluster-operator-0.19.0 AL 2.0
strimzi-kafka-operator-helm-chart-0.19.0 AL 2.0
strimzi-topic-operator-0.19.0 AL 2.0
strimzi-user-operator-0.19.0 AL 2.0
Source Code AL 2.0
Strimzi Kafka Bridge 0.18.0
kafka-bridge-0.18.0 AL 2.0
Source Code AL 2.0

Full list of changes can be found under the 0.19.0 release.

Upgrading from Strimzi 0.18.0? See the documentation for upgrade instructions.