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Documentation for Version 0.31.1 - latest stable release

Strimzi Kafka Operators Documentation
Overview guide: 0.31.1 - latest stable release
Quick Start guide: 0.31.1 - latest stable release
Deploying and Upgrading: 0.31.1 - latest stable release
Configuring Strimzi: 0.31.1 - latest stable release
Example custom resources: 0.31.1 - latest stable release

Strimzi Kafka Bridge Documentation
0.22.2 - latest stable release

In Development Documentation
The in development documentation corresponds to the Strimzi version which is currently being developed and is in the main branch in our GitHub repositories.

Strimzi Kafka operators (In Development)
Overview guide | Quick Start guide | Deploying and Upgrading |
Configuring Strimzi | Example custom resources

Strimzi Kafka Bridge: In Development

Strimzi Resources

Document Archive

Find docs for previous versions of Strimzi.

Quick Starts

Getting up and running with an Apache Kafka cluster on Kubernetes can be very simple, when using the Strimzi project!
View the quickstart documents for different environments, that walk you through a quick and easy install for your development environment.


View videos and slides of Strimzi demonstrations and presentations from events around the globe.