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Develop Apache Kafka applications with Strimzi and Minikube

Learn how to get started with Strimzi on Minikube

Metamorphosis: When Kafka meets Camel

DevConf.CZ 2020

Strimzi: Distributed Streaming with Apache Kafka in Kubernetes

Istanbul JUG Meetup, July 2019

Running Kafka on Kubernetes with Strimzi, Kafka in Jail with Strimzi

O’Reilly Strata San Francisco 2019, Lightbend Webinar, Toronto Data Science & Big Data Meetup

Strimzi: how Apache Kafka has fallen in love with Kubernetes

Modern Integration and Application Development Day, April 2019

Kafka on OpenShift: make it easy with AMQ Streams

Red Hat Open Source Day 2018, October 2018

Strimzi: Running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes and OpenShift

OpenSlava 2018, October 2018

Introduction to Strimzi Operator

Operator Framework SIG Meeting, July 2018

Apache Kafka: Turning your Architecture Inside-Out

Riviera Dev, May 2018

Introducing AMQ Streams—data streaming with Apache Kafka

Red Hat Summit, May 2018

Introduction to Apache Kafka

Kyiv Scala Group, March 2018

Running Apache Kafka on Kubernetes

Kyiv Scala Group, March 2018

Meet Apache Kafka : data streaming in your hands

Walgreens Boots Alliance Conference, March 2018